Niklas Kiefer

Senior Software Engineer

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Edit BPMN 2.0 files. Based on tools.
TypeScript 102
JSON Schema for (Camunda) Element Templates
JavaScript 9
View and visually edit JSON-based forms.
JavaScript 313
An Electron wrapper for Excalidraw (Deprecated)
JavaScript 177
Create post-it boards - built with diagram-js
JavaScript 78 24
Applications Collection: Render BPMN, CMMN and DMN files on GitHub
JavaScript 26 2
Camunda Modeler plugin to import Excel Sheets to DMN 1.3 Decision Tables (and vice versa).
JavaScript 19 2
Feathers.js Backend Services with Python Scripts
JavaScript 15 1
Natural like language for quickly modeling BPMN 2.0 models
Automatically save your diagrams modeled in Camunda Modeler
JavaScript 8 5
Game 'Mr Flap' written in plain javascript
JavaScript 7 0
A Yeoman for React Modules based on our Mantra philosophy (
JavaScript 5 0

I'm a Software Engineer with a focus on experiments and prototypes.

Prototypes built via our RPA Prototyping phase, Q2 2020
Svelte 1 0
Process Variable Management Prototypes.
Svelte 0 0
Small demo to show how to create varied applications with Svelte.
JavaScript 0 0
Playground for Form Playground Prototypes.
JavaScript 0 0
Prototypes built via our DMN Innovation Process, Q1 & Q2 2020
JavaScript 0 0

Professional Career

Companies that I have worked for.

Senior Frontend-Developer & Team Lead
from 01-2024 to now
Senior Software Engineer
from 09-2022 to 11-2023
Software Engineer
from 10-2018 to 08-2022
Software Developer (Student)
from 09-2016 to 08-2018
Student Assistant
from 09-2016 to 04-2017
Software Developer (Student)
from 03-2015 to 08-2016
Software Developer
from 05-2014 to 09-2016
Tech Blogger
from 03-2014 to 01-2015

Academic Career

Places I have learnt a lot.

Technical Innovations Management
Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
from 09-2017 to 08-2019
IT-Systems Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
from 10-2014 to 08-2017
from 08-2008 to 07-2014


Courses and trainings I did.

UX Thinking

UX Thinking (UXT) is a training concept that enables product managers, product owners, UX professionals and software developers to plan and implement digital development projects in interdisciplinary teams in an agile and human-centered manner.
artop GmbH

Camunda BPM for Java-Developers

Three-day training for developers to prepare using the open source Camunda BPM platform successfully in software projects.
camunda services GmbH

Accessible Code

In this course you will learn all there is to know about how to develop a fully accessible project by writing accessible code. In the end, it all comes down to having a different mindset and knowing how to develop in an accessible way.
The A11Y Collective


Scientific stuff I have written.

Evaluation of Agile Practices as Change Management Instruments in Digital Transformation (German)
Providing a Distributed File Storage for German Schul-Cloud (German)
Assessment of the driving ability of a driver with wearables and smartphone (German)
Scenario analysis for potential commitmens of Cloud Computing in educational sector (German)
Improving Energy Efficiency as a Contribution to Improving Sustainability at Hochschule Harz (German)

Talks, Articles & Misc

Stuff I talked and wrote about.

Slides of past Talks
Collection of DEV Articles
Collection of DailyUI designs

Club Memberships

Clubs and initiatives I am part of.

German football club based in Cottbus, Brandenburg
German foundation for ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice
Anti-fascist darts club in Berlin


Topics that I have a passion for.

Sports like Soccer, Basketball, Darts

Sports like Soccer, Basketball, Darts

Playing my Instruments (Guitar, Bass, Banjo)

Playing my Instruments (Guitar, Bass, Banjo)

Supporting Open Source and Developer Relations

Supporting Open Source and Developer Relations

Usability and UX

Usability and UX

My lovely Cat Momo

My lovely Cat Momo



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